How did I not see that coming?!


That picture describes exactly how I’m feeling at the moment….

You see last night I stayed up way past my bedtime studying.. You can bet I had a cupcake to keep me up for the night!

Before I share with you what happened this morning, I’ll tell ya what I had for breaky

apple and grape oats

apple and grape oats

Todays bowl:

-1/2 cup apple juice

-1 cup water

-1 tsp. cinnamon

-1/2 cup oats


-sprinkle of apple walnut love grown granola

I cooked my oats on the stove this morning in the apple juice and water…. WOW these are so good! You’ll be seeing this again!

Now for my morning.. first a little background history:

Every morning I wake up and head for a big glass of water because my mouth is usually dry. I woke up this morning headed for a glass when my roommate popped up and handed me one before I had the chance. I said thanks and took a big swig… big mistake! It was vinegar!!! Gah! It was disgusting! How did I not see that one coming!? I spit it straight into the sink but my mouth still had that vinegar taste… I won’t be eating salt and vinegar chips for a while!

I need your help!

Got any pranks for me to play on my roommate?

Whats the worst prank that’s been done to you?

Time to get some endorphins flowing, talk to ya later!


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