Today I went to a play called Chickens with the parents… It was hilarious!

When they arrived at my house to take me to the play they surprised me with this…

That right there is a plain ol’ grande coffee with 2 pumps sugar free vanilla syrup and some 1% milk. They know my order so well, Thanks guys! 🙂 They also brought over my favorite spinach and feta egg white wrap!

Then we headed to the play. The play was about 2 hours when I got home I ran 4.3 miles at the gym treadmill and finished up with 100 leg lifts. Then went and ran some errands.

By the time I got home it was 1:30 and I was ready for some lunch. I made another yogurt bowl with granola and fruit and some carrots and tomatoes dipped in hummus… Creature of habit I know.. 🙄

A little later on it was time for some dins

Grilled cheese with (extra runny?) ketchup and barbecue sauce and salad with balsamic dressing.

The trick to a good grilled cheese is rye bread and greek spices

Time to finish up the night with the new episode of Americas Next Top model and perhaps a cupcake..

Back to the grind tomorrow, I’ve got school!

Catch Y’alls Later


Have you ever been to a live play?

Whats your regular starbucks order?


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