Busy Weekend

Wow oh wow was this weekend ever busy!

Yesterday my day began with a little workout, I used this video. It has a goofy title but it really does get me sweatin’. Then I finished up with 100 leg lifts.

Yesterday I tried steel cut oats for the first time!

My usual bowl:

-1/2 cup apple juice

-1 cup water

-1/2 cup oats



-love grown granola


I also had some coffee 😎

Milk and stevia 😉

Later on it was time for a little lunch.

I had a Key lime Greek yogurt with granola and grapes, and then some carrots and hummus. I also snacked on one of my energy bars!

For dinner I made me and my roommate shrimp and chickpeas in coconut milk with thai spices served on rice noodles. A salad with lots of veggies was consumed along side . Recipe to come!

No picture for either of these 😳

Then I went to paranormal activity 4 with my girls…

Fun fact about me, I love scary movies! Paranormal activity doesn’t scare me that much surprisingly but put lots of guts and gore in a movie and I’ll have nightmares for weeks!

Grilled cheese are on the menu tonight!


What type of milk do you drink?
I drink regular old 1% cow milk.

Do you like scary movies?

Ever tried steel cut oats?

First time was today. I liked them but Ohmylanta they took 35 minutes to cook!

Any tips on how to cook them faster???

later gators


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