Switchin’ it up

Another school day, and I’ve got cheer practice to teach after school!

This morning I totally switched things up…


oatmeal waffles!!

2 toasted eggo protein waffles, green grapes and some maple syrup mmm

Oh and Coffee of course

Snack was dried mangoes


A deconstructed yogurt bowl with my new granola ,Love grown Almond, raisin coconut crunch(!!!!), a Key Lime greek yogurt and some green grapes. Some grape tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers. There was also some camera shy hummus šŸ˜‰ I looooove grape tomatoes. I pop em’ like candy šŸ˜‰

I had a green apple at about 3 o’clock


I got up early enough to do my workout this morning… werid right? It was my spooky sweaty ciruit and I’m teaching cheer after school… I might make them do this circuit muhahah


Whats your favoriteĀ vegetable?Ā 

Grape tomatoes… (I count them as aĀ vegetableĀ not fruit)

Waffles, french toast, or pancakes?

Homemade waffles with fruit and whip cream mmmmmmmmm


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