Oatmeal Coma

I have a problem with “misplacing” things. This morning it was my camera 😳

So all these photos are courtesy of my blackberry


This morning was ANOTHER bowl of oatmeal

I have a feeling I’m going to go into a oatmeal coma one of these days…

Coffee and Oatmeal

Today’s bowl:

-1/2 cup oatmeal

-1 cup water

-1/2 cup apple juice





-Chia Seeds

Getting tired of this combo yet 😉

The Chia seeds were a great addition they made my bowl extra thick and creamy


Very sad picture of a:

-Deconstructed yogurt bowl with granola, grapes and key lime greek yogurt

-Energy Bar

-Carrot tomatoes and hummus (Tomatoes and hummus were shy)

I’ve got Cheer Practice to teach at the high school until 5 so I’ll give you the details on the rest of my day after 🙂

Do you loose things a lot?

Do you teach or take part in any sports?

I teach cheer and take part in running 😉

I need some help I’m in a oatmeal rut! What are some of your favorite oatmeal bowls?



Today I went to a play called Chickens with the parents… It was hilarious!

When they arrived at my house to take me to the play they surprised me with this…

That right there is a plain ol’ grande coffee with 2 pumps sugar free vanilla syrup and some 1% milk. They know my order so well, Thanks guys! 🙂 They also brought over my favorite spinach and feta egg white wrap!

Then we headed to the play. The play was about 2 hours when I got home I ran 4.3 miles at the gym treadmill and finished up with 100 leg lifts. Then went and ran some errands.

By the time I got home it was 1:30 and I was ready for some lunch. I made another yogurt bowl with granola and fruit and some carrots and tomatoes dipped in hummus… Creature of habit I know.. 🙄

A little later on it was time for some dins

Grilled cheese with (extra runny?) ketchup and barbecue sauce and salad with balsamic dressing.

The trick to a good grilled cheese is rye bread and greek spices

Time to finish up the night with the new episode of Americas Next Top model and perhaps a cupcake..

Back to the grind tomorrow, I’ve got school!

Catch Y’alls Later


Have you ever been to a live play?

Whats your regular starbucks order?

Busy Weekend

Wow oh wow was this weekend ever busy!

Yesterday my day began with a little workout, I used this video. It has a goofy title but it really does get me sweatin’. Then I finished up with 100 leg lifts.

Yesterday I tried steel cut oats for the first time!

My usual bowl:

-1/2 cup apple juice

-1 cup water

-1/2 cup oats



-love grown granola


I also had some coffee 😎

Milk and stevia 😉

Later on it was time for a little lunch.

I had a Key lime Greek yogurt with granola and grapes, and then some carrots and hummus. I also snacked on one of my energy bars!

For dinner I made me and my roommate shrimp and chickpeas in coconut milk with thai spices served on rice noodles. A salad with lots of veggies was consumed along side . Recipe to come!

No picture for either of these 😳

Then I went to paranormal activity 4 with my girls…

Fun fact about me, I love scary movies! Paranormal activity doesn’t scare me that much surprisingly but put lots of guts and gore in a movie and I’ll have nightmares for weeks!

Grilled cheese are on the menu tonight!


What type of milk do you drink?
I drink regular old 1% cow milk.

Do you like scary movies?

Ever tried steel cut oats?

First time was today. I liked them but Ohmylanta they took 35 minutes to cook!

Any tips on how to cook them faster???

later gators

Quick Hello

Just thought Id introduce you guys to this little guy!  I love him

Ive got a super busy day but Ill give you a recap tomorrow. Im off to the spa with a girl friend then going to dancce my but off.

See yall later!

Do you have an yanimalsÉ

How did I not see that coming?!


That picture describes exactly how I’m feeling at the moment….

You see last night I stayed up way past my bedtime studying.. You can bet I had a cupcake to keep me up for the night!

Before I share with you what happened this morning, I’ll tell ya what I had for breaky

apple and grape oats

apple and grape oats

Todays bowl:

-1/2 cup apple juice

-1 cup water

-1 tsp. cinnamon

-1/2 cup oats


-sprinkle of apple walnut love grown granola

I cooked my oats on the stove this morning in the apple juice and water…. WOW these are so good! You’ll be seeing this again!

Now for my morning.. first a little background history:

Every morning I wake up and head for a big glass of water because my mouth is usually dry. I woke up this morning headed for a glass when my roommate popped up and handed me one before I had the chance. I said thanks and took a big swig… big mistake! It was vinegar!!! Gah! It was disgusting! How did I not see that one coming!? I spit it straight into the sink but my mouth still had that vinegar taste… I won’t be eating salt and vinegar chips for a while!

I need your help!

Got any pranks for me to play on my roommate?

Whats the worst prank that’s been done to you?

Time to get some endorphins flowing, talk to ya later!

Chai Cupcakes

I love chai. I love cupcakes. Why not combine the two?
They’re Phenomenal.


Chai Cupcakes

Chai Cupcakes

Chai Cupcakes


For the Cupcakes

*2c all-purpose flour

*1 1/2 tsp. baking powder

*pinch of salt

*1 tbsp. Chai tea powder (Sub a tbsp. Super concentrated brewed chai tea.)

*1 tbsp. Brewed Chai tea

*1/4c Earth Balance (Or sweet butter) softened

*3/4c Packed light brown sugar

*2 large egg whites

*2/3c milk with room for 1 tbsp

*1 tbsp lemon juice

For the Frosting

*1c Light cream cheese softened

*1 1/2c confectioners sugar

*1 tbsp. lemon juice

*1 tsp. vanilla extract

*1/2 tsp. cinnamon


For the Cupcakes

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Place 12 baking cups in a muffin/cupcake pan.

In a medium bowl combine flour, baking powder, salt, Chai tea and Chai tea powder.

In a separate bowl, cream the butter and sugar until smooth.

Add the egg white in one at a time beating after each addition.

Combine your milk and one tbsp. lemon juice in a bowl. Let sit while you slowly add the flour mixture.

Lastly add the milk and lemon mixture to everything else until combined.

Spoon batter into baking cups using an ice cream scoop. (A tbsp. works well to)

Bake for 20 mins. Remove and cool for 5 mins in pan. Remove cupcakes and place on cooling rack.

For the Frosting

Beat the cream cheese and confectioners sugar together in a medium bowl until soft and light.

Beat in lemon, vanilla and cinnamon.

Spoon frosting on cupcakes.

Freeze for 3 months or store in airtight container for 3 days.


Do those look good or what!?

Hows your day going so far?













Agent Double H


My name is….

Well see the thing is I can’t exactly tell you that..

That’s why I like to call this blog “HOLLYWOOD healthy”, because by not telling you my name I feel kind of Hollywood.

This blog is were I’m going to come too to share a little bit of my eats, workouts and recipes!

But there’s one clause…

I won’t be showing my face or name.

This is because I go to college. My college life has proceeded to be a lot like my high school life.. I would probably be made fun of if people found out about my blog. So lets keep this our little secret 😉

I started blogging beacuse I’m obsessed with reading all of your guys’ blogs. They are (don’t mind the cliche) to sum up in one word… awesome.

They’ve really helped me to fet over a few problems adn inspired me to write my own blog.


Recipe to come!


Double H